Alan Halford & Associates

Alan Halford & Associates

How do you bring people (in a community or even a neighbourhood) together to resolve disputes and recognise change? How do you negotiate openly in the workplace?

Transforming conflict, reducing stress and tension in your life shouldn't be a complex difficult process. What does it take to turn these situations into opportunities for change and collaboration?

We offer facilitation services for individuals and organisations to build resilience and positive collaboration in the workplace. We help to develop patterns and attitudes that allow people to address the complex and important issues of working with conflict and change, whilst respecting privacy.

People we work with want to try a different way of working, trusting the knowledge and wisdom present in their organisation to address the complex and important issues of working with conflict and change. Mediators are trained to find out what the core issues and facilitate dispute resolutions.

Here's what some Workshop Participants had to say:

"My experience in this course has underlined a fundamental truth for work as a leader/Manager, that is the need to "know yourself". This is a daily lesson which is the most effective way to move towards effective management and to build honest and rewarding relationships with staff.

The five-step communication tool provides an honest approach to the process of personal peacemaking with difficult clients. My work often involves meeting with clients in highly charged and emotive situations where aggressive and sometimes violent behaviour is prevalent. The five-step peacemaking process provides a real point of contact with my clients that acknowledges but does not patronise, listens but does not cower to, responds but does not defend and ultimately provides a real opportunity to find a "bigger truth".
" - Michael Meegan, Principal Legal Officer at Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation

"Thanks for a great day of conflict coaching. The day was very productive, informative, gave me some great strategies and at all times I felt supported, heard and relevant. You and Brendan are a great team, great role models and an inspiration to stay true to the course." - Vanessa Tysoe