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Alan Halford & Brendan McKeague

Alan Halford

For many years Alan worked as a Business and Management Consultant using his background in accounting to help in addressing organisations and businesses develop systems and procedures to enhance profitability and efficiency. As he developed these processes he began to see and realise the issues and the problem didn't have a lot to do with systems and procedures, it was the way the staff interpreted them. It was the way people communicated. The way staff co-operated and shared information.

It was apparent in the amount of trust the manager/owner had in their staff to do the job. It was about people, feelings and egos, relationships. After study in America and Australia, Alan became an accredited mediator, a conflict resolution specialist and has worked with people's feelings (and his) ever since. Alan offers confidential facilitations for groups, individuals and managers

Working under the conflict transformation umbrella, Alan uses a number of facilitation processes to work with individuals, small groups and whole organisations in bringing a focus to the underlying issues. By giving attention to what is working well in the team, it is possible to carry forward what is the best about the past and incorporate it into future design. By asking questions about what we value or appreciate we can "improve" and build on what we have discovered. Working this way gives voice to the "Group Intelligence" of the organisation.


Brendan McKeague

Brendan has been a key leader in the introduction to Western Australia of Open Space Technology, a cutting-edge process for engaging people and systems in self-organising to deal with their significant issues. Having facilitated around three hundred Open Space events during the past fifteen years, Brendan is among the most experienced practitioners of this methodology in the region and regularly provides co-learning programs for consultants and facilitators around Australia.

For the past fifteen years Brendan has been an Associate Staff Member of the international Pace E Bene Franciscan Service in Nonviolence, based in Oakland, California. These services include education, resources and community engagement for expanding nonviolence into mainstream culture through creative ways of living and working. Brendan has applied his learnings to develop models of personal and organisational transformation that embody nonviolence. In 2006, Brendan was a founding member of Pace e Bene Australia. As a result of his vocation, Brendan has felt privileged to work and learn with people who are innovative risk-takers and inspirational leaders with a deep commitment to the principles of inclusivity, collaboration and emergence. Brendan is experienced in dispute resolution in a sustainable way for groups and organisations

"I really enjoy my work and freely admit that, as a co-learner in the journey of understanding people and systems, I gain as much from each project as I provide to others. And it also helps that I enjoy the freedom to combine my native Irish spirit with a passion for nonviolent peace-building."