Impartial Conflict Coaching Facilitators

Alan Halford & Associates - Conflict Coaching

Unresolved conflict lies at the heart of many of the challenges for organisations. Interpersonal disputes, tension between team members, and everyday personality clashes can become costly and distracting. Many solutions exist: training can often help, interpersonal mediation is a powerful tool, team-building may often be the answer. For people who need more intensive individual support for managing conflict, Conflict Coaching may well be the most appropriate way forward.

Conflict Coaching focuses on assisting individuals to improve their competency in transforming conflict. It is a dynamic, practical and productive process in which individuals build their capacity to develop creative and constructive ways to handle conflict and resolve disputes that impact negatively on either their professional or personal life. Our Counselling Consultant can remain impartial while constructively working with your groups, team or individual.

Conflict Coaching:

  • Provides an alternative to mediation, for those who currently find it too difficult to enter into a mediation process with another person;
  • Assists managers, supervisors and others to improve their interactions during conflict and to develop greater self-awareness of conflict resolution skills;
  • Helps individuals to understand how their behaviour can cause conflict with others, and provides the possibility of altering those behaviours;
  • Leads to better understanding and increased skills in interpersonal communication;
  • Prepares people to maximise the benefits and opportunities (and minimise disputes) from mediation should they choose to engage in this process;
  • Supports individuals to manage ongoing difficult interactions and to deal with any unresolved issues following mediation.
We work with the individual to understand the barriers that prevent them effectively dealing with conflict; and that collaboratively we develop an understanding of the patterns we follow when dealing with tension and disharmony. We offer support throughout the whole process.

Participants have a right to be a part of the process, and we encourage mutual respect, open thinking and give them sustainable ways that they can interact with other team members