Alan Halford & Associates - Mentoring

When Perth or Rural clients need to offer specific support to one of their employees they often request the Mentoring service. Contact is usually made for one of the following reasons:

Leadership Promotion
When a staff member has been earmarked for promotion into a supervisory position and the organisation want to improve and develop the communication skills of that manager, we are able to provide simple techniques to help them make the mental as well physical shift into their new role.

Interpersonal Conflict
When a manager or supervisor is experiencing difficulty dealing with tensions and conflict within their area, we are able to help the manager reflect on their current approach and develop different ways of thinking and acting that encourages collaboration, cooperation and responsibility.

Difficult Conversations
When a staff member is faced with having a difficult conversation, with a colleague, client, team or sometimes their organisation, we offer mentoring support to the individual suggesting techniques and approaches that will allow a conversation that has a positive resonance for all those involved.

The Mentoring Approach

At the heart of the approach is the belief that we are all responsible for our actions. We all see the world through a lens created by our culture and our experiences. When we allow ourselves to self reflect, listen to the stories of others and then look at other possibilities, then our ability to understand the world around us is enhanced. In many situations often involving conflict, we often act out of past experience making assumptions, which usually create more tension and conflict.

The mentoring offered is based on curiosity, trust and openness. It is not therapy or counselling. It is a series of conversations about things that matter and these conversations are held in a safe, confidential environment. Effective dispute resolution whilst respecting an individuals privacy.

We use the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in all areas of our work. We don't always use it in its purest form, but it informs all we do. It enables us to be flexible, open to emerging ideas and sensitive to the needs of the client.