Conflict Resolution

Alan Halford & Associates - Conflict Resolution

Why Mediate?

Perth and Rural Organisations choose to mediate for any number of reasons, at the top of their list is generally to explore cost efficiency.

A typical accredited workplace mediation (dispute resolution) would involve no more than a day of face-to-face meetings with some phone calls leading up to and after the mediation. So imagine you have two team members embroiled in a conflict that absorbs the time, energy and resources of the team, the manager and support functions for weeks, often months on end, which is normal.

The cost of doing nothing and hoping it will resolve itself will be reflected in increased stress-related absenteeism, staff turnover, decreased engagement and morale. The conflict will interfere with everyone's thinking time, productivity and if not addressed properly will generate a cultural norm that will pervade the department and organisation.

Addressing organisational conflict through mediation will save time and money and contribute to a culture where conflict is a catalyst for new ideas rather than an excuse to leave.

A mediator is trained to understand and explore complex relationships in the interests of all concerned parties

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • Huge reduction in stress-related illness and absenteeism (Conflict is a major contributor to stress-related absenteeism).
  • Retaining your very best people. The people that choose not to work in tense workplaces are usually your better staff members and are capable of finding other employment, leaving you with an average and low efficient staff.
  • Cost savings. Recruitment costs, management time, support function time, the list goes on.
  • Reduction in staff turnover. Addressing conflict directly avoids the need to re-structure teams or re-allocate people to different parts of the organisation.
  • Significant improvement in employee engagement and commitment. Employees that feel supported and valued by their employer and are given chances to learn and grow will be more engaged - not rocket science really.

Conflict Coaching

In addition to the conflict resolution service we also provide Conflict Coaching, which is a personalised one on one program offered to people:

  • Involved in a mediation,
  • About to enter the mediation process,
  • Working in high tension situations or,
  • Wanting to improve their negotiation skills and attitude.