How We Work

Alan Halford & Associates - How We Work

Facilitation Services in Your Organisation

The underlying objectives when working with you or a community are (whilst always maintaining your privacy):

  1. To help you improve your personal or team effectiveness
  2. To help you improve the quality of your personal and professional relationships
  3. To help you achieve exceptional results

Why would you make contact with an Accredited Mediator?

The most frequent reasons clients pick up the phone to call are to find out:

1. To help resolve team or community issues

  • They have concerns about high turnover in the team
  • They have concerns about the performance of the team
  • They have concerns about the way the team make decisions
  • There's a big elephant in the corner and no one's talking about it

2. To help resolve a conflict between colleagues

  • There's been a breakdown in communication between colleagues
  • There's a tension between colleagues that impacts on others
  • The grievance process has been activated
  • There's a stalemate between two heads of department

3. To develop your leadership capability

  • Recently promoted and leading a large team
  • Need to make some tough decisions
  • Need to have some difficult conversations
  • Need to become a credible leader

4. To develop their thinking and improve their communication skills.

  • Need to become an effective communicator
  • Need to sharpen communication skills
  • Need to adapt or change communication style

When working with your organisation a number of methods are used:

  1. Conflict Resolution
  2. Conflict Coaching
  3. Group and Team Group and Team Facilitation
  4. Leadership Leadership Mentoring